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Advocating a Legacy

The eloquent Latin proverb, “Da Mihi Facta, Dabo Tibi Ius” has been the motto of our firm since 1967. An idealism bequeathed by our founder, Markus Sajogo, as written in the foreword of his thesis when he graduated from the faculty of law. We learn that each case has its unique elements and thus, it takes more than mastery of multitude rules and regulations to successfully address client needs. Understanding our clients’ facts and standing side-by-side with our client’s concern are key elements to make our case handling differ from other legal experts. We are proud to offer our clients our firm’s solid and extensive legal experience maturing for over 50 years, but more importantly, we are honored to demonstrate how we stand by our founder’s legacy as a foundation in our firm.

Da mihi Facta, Dabo tibi Ius. Give us the Facts, We will give you the Law.

Accolades & Awards

We understand that client satisfaction is our primary aim, and it has become a testimony to our long-lasting existence in the world of law. Our efforts have earned the firm, recognitions from reputable international survey organizations as a leading domestic firm in Indonesia. It is our commitment to excellence, our honest reputation and our quality legal representation that have earned our firm the esteemed reputation it enjoys today.



In 2011, our firm has distinguished our services in order to address the increasing demand of specialized professionals in the settlement of corporate disputes. Consequently, we have established Sajogo Marks to provide legal services related to worldwide IP registration and licensing matters, supporting MS&A’s role as full-service law firm. The division of these services maintains an integrated service from our specialized professionals, furnishing an intertwined service to our valued clients.

Our Clients

Markus Sajogo & Associates fosters good relationship with its clients, from small to large corporate enterprise and maintains its personal touch of professionalism as an important key to deliver quality legal representation.

  • Sinomart KTS Development Limited (Oil &Gas Industry) - Hong Kong
  • Hail & Cotton International (Tobacco Industry) - USA
  • MELIÃ Hotels International (Hotel Management) - Spain
  • Onduline (Roof Supplier & Manufacturer) - France
  • Leeport (Holdings) Limited (Machinery Manufacturing) - Hongkong
  • PT Avia Avian, Tbk. (Avian Brands)
  • PT Sekar Laut, Tbk. (Finna Foods)
  • PT Sekar Bumi, Tbk. (Finna Foods)
  • PT Sariguna Primatirta, Tbk. (Cleo Brands)
  • PT Jaya Sukses Makmur Sentosa, Tbk. (Tanrise Group)
  • PT Mega Perintis, Tbk. (Fashion Retail)
  • PT Bukit Darmo Property, Tbk. (Real Estate)
  • PT Omya Indonesia (Chemical Trading) - Switzerland
  • PT AKT Indonesia (Music Instrument Manufacturing) - Taiwan, China & Hongkong
  • PT Natural Java Spice (Spice Manufacturing) - Romania
  • PT Sarana Kreasi Lestari (Furniture Manufacturing) - Netherlands
  • PT Jawa Pos (Media Company)
  • PT Mitramulia Makmur (Plastic Manufacturing)
  • PT Alumindo Light Metal Industry, Tbk. (Metal Manufacturing)
  • PT Kencana Tiara Gemilang (Plastic Manufacturing)
  • PT Assa Land (Real Estate)
  • PT Dian Istana (Real Estate)
  • PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines (SPIL)
  • PT United Motors Company (UMC-Suzuki)
  • PT Skyline Jaya (Furniture Manufacturing)
  • PT Grahadika Sarana Purnajati (Miracle Clinics)
  • PT Benelli Perkasa Motor (Benelli Motors)
  • PT Surveyor Indonesia (Surveyor Company)
  • PT Netania Kasih Karunia (Food Industry)
  • PT Helmigs Prima Sejahtera (Helmigs Brands)
  • PT Diraja Surya Furniture (Furniture Manufacturing)
  • PT Saripuri Permai Hotel (Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya)
  • PT Ramasari Surya Persada (J.W. Marriott Hotel Surabaya)

Strategic Alliance

Menara Imperium 30th Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1
Jakarta 12980, Indonesia

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