Patented One Coat Paint is Officially on the Market

Thursday, March 19 2020 | MS&A PRESS RELEASE

Our client, PT Avia Avian, known as their notable brand, Avian, has officially released their latest patented paint called the One Coat Paint. During Idea Cloud 2020 held on 13-15 March 2020, a networking event for millennial with 60 speakers on stage, our Managing Partner, Mr. E. L. Sajogo, S.H., MCIArb.,  together with the Director of Research and Development of PT Avia Avian, Ms. Angelica Tanisia Jozar and the owner of PT Avia Avian, Mr. Robert Christian Tanoko, have commenced and promoted the One Coat Paint as the breakthrough in Indonesian industry.

One coat paint is the latest discovery in wall and ceiling paint manufacturing. The product is deemed to promote its ease of use concept; with only one coat of painting, therefore it enhances cost, time and energy efficiency in its application. Aside from that, one coat paint has its special benefit with its eco-friendliness and minimum spattering.

Before it is patented, we at Sajogo Marks Intellectual Property Attorneys, as the IPR consultant on the patent registration, had done thorough analysis on a worldwide scope to the extent that we verify One Coat Paint is the first technology invented in Indonesia. Patent protection is provided for technological invention that offers solution to a technical problem. The invention itself must meet the requirement of novelty, inventive steps and industrial applicability.

For further inquiries and assistance relating to patent, do not hesitate to contact our associate specializing in intellectual property law, Ms. Gabriella Lienardo ([email protected] or [email protected]).

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