Building an Integrated Business Advice.

Since 2007, Markus Sajogo & Associates have created an alliance with PBTaxand, a leading tax consultancy firm, to provide an integrated business advise to our clients. Tax compliance often become a fretting issue to business doers, especially to foreign investors. Having PBTaxand as our supporting partner, we are able to provide our clients with a ‘round table of advisers’, a one-stop, integrated business advice, enabling our client to conveniently save time in engaging quality business advice professional.

Supporting Professional

PB Taxand is one of Indonesia’s leading tax advisory, tax compliance and transfer pricing service providers and is unique in Indonesia as being a part of TAXAND, the world’s largest independent tax organization.

Since its founding in 1996, PB Taxand, previously known as PB&Co, has earned the trust of an ever growing number of clients, providing objective and independent counsel to national firms, as well as to multinational companies doing business in Indonesia. Their specialists cater to the needs of industrial and commercial entities, state-owned businesses, family-owned businesses and publicly held companies.

As the exclusive member firm of Taxand for Indonesia, PB Taxand will be able to provide more access to over 2,000 leading local Taxand advisors in 50 countries worldwide, granting local knowledge with a global view. 

PB Taxand has been supporting Markus Sajogo & Associates since 2007.

Type of Services

Professional Tax Services

Provided together with the team of PB Taxand

Tax Advisory Services

  • Tax Advisory

    • Cross Border Tax Issues
    • Local Tax Advisory
    • Tax Review
  • Transactions

    • Merger & Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring
  • Tax Disputes Resolutions

    • Tax Audit/Verification
    • Tax Objection and Appeal
    • Tax Refund

Tax Compliance Services

  • Personal Tax Assistance (PTA) Services
  • Monthly Tax Compliance

Transfer Pricing Services

  • Group Structuring
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Advance Pricing Agreement
  • Tax Disputes Resolutions