What is Industrial Design? Why You Should Register Your Industrial Design?

Wednesday, September 01 2021 | INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

Have you ever heard of Industrial Design as an intellectual property? Do you know that the uniqueness of your colour combination of your product could be registered and protected from any irresponsible people? All of your creativity on designing aesthetic characteristic for your product is your intellectual property called Industrial Design. This so-called Industrial Design is actually protected by the law in Indonesia.

Law Number 31 of 2000 on Industrial Design (“Law Number 31/2000”) is the reason why Industrial Design in Indonesia is recognized as one of the essential intellectual property to be covered and regulated. Law 31/2000 has defined Industrial Design as ‘a creation of form, configuration, composition of line or colour, or line and colour, or the combination of them in the form of two or three dimension which given aesthetic characteristic and could be made into three dimensional or two dimensional, also could be used to produce a product, stuff, industrial commodities, or handcraft’. Law 31/2000 has stipulated about the protection of registered Industrial Design. The law also tells you about how the registration will be conducted and what kind of requirement needed to be brought in order to register your Industrial Design.

Having your Industrial Design registered means that you are entitled to use your Industrial Design for your commercial use and other will not be using your Industrial Design for their own gain. It also protects your creativity and your sense of art. The Law Number 31/2000 will ensure that all benefit taken from your industrial design will be streamed directly to you. How convenient!

Today, we are proud to deliver several copies of Industrial Design E-Certificate published by the government to our beloved clients. Our unit, Sajogo Marks Intellectual Property Attorneys, is one of leading IP consultant in Indonesia. The fine lines between new designs and prior arts (or existing designs) often became the reason for disputes between business doers. We have successfully defended our client interest in protecting their Industrial Design in numerous disputes. We once represented our local brand client in several lawsuits simultaneously filed by well-known foreign brand from commercial court level to the supreme court. All the decisions awarded by the court – on all level – are in favour of our client.

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